Equipment Prior to Hamilton Township Fire Division

 Apparatus (Trucks)

 ENGINE 16-1
 Manufacturer: Sutphen
 Model: Pumper
 Year: 2005
 Stats: 1500 GPM Pump
            750 Gallon tank

 Manufacturer: Sutphen
 Model: Pumper
 Year: 1995
 Stats: 2000 GPM Pump
            750 Gallon tank

 Chief 16
 Manufacturer: Ford
 Model: F250 Super Duty
 Year: 2011
 Stats: Roll Out Command Center

 Utility 16-1
 Manufacturer: Ford
 Model: F350
 Year: 2000
 Stats: Reading Utility Body

 Utility 16
 Manufacturer: Ford
 Model: F150
 Year: 1995
 Stats: Standard Pickup

 Deputy Chief 16-1
 Manufacturer: Dodge
 Model: Durango
 Year: 2001
 Stats: Chief Vehicle / Mobile Command

 ENGINE 16-4
 Manufacturer: Ward / LaFrance
 Model: Antique
 Year: 1953
 Stats: 500 GPM Pump 500 Gallon tank
 Halligan Bar - Forcible entry tool used in prying doors, locks,
 and windows.

 SCBA Air pack - Backpack-like device worn by firefighters
 into smoke-filled environments. Supplies breathable air.

 Flatheaded Axe - Used by firefighters for striking as well as
 cutting into surfaces such as wood and metal.

 Thermal Imager - Detects heat signatures from fire, people,
 and objects and displays the Images on a screen.



White Horse Volunteer Fire Company